Rules in PiPaPo (Conditions)

Above all, the rules serve to ensure the safety of the players and the preservation of the play equipment, relaxed togetherness and the relief of the operator and his employees. The posted General Terms and Conditions apply.

We ask that you read these rules, follow them, and educate and instruct your children accordingly.

The instructions of the operator and his employees must be followed!

Thanks very much! Your PiPaPo team



  • The currently valid prices and opening hours can be found on the notice board at the cash desk and on our information sheets.
  • Bringing animals is not permitted.
  • All facilities and facilities in the hall may only be used for their intended purpose. Use outside of the usage rules can lead to injuries.
  • Filming and photography is permitted in our hall. However, strangers may only be admitted with their consent. For commercial purposes and for the press, photography requires prior approval from the operating company.

No duty of care/supervision

  • Only the accompanying adults are responsible for supervision and care. Children are only permitted to visit when accompanied by a responsible adult, unless the child is 10 years of age and the appropriate consent and liability release form has been signed by a responsible adult.
  • Under no circumstances do the operator and his employees assume a duty of supervision and care, not even in the case of children playing alone with exemption from liability.
  • This also applies if the operator carries out a special campaign for the children (e.g. handicrafts, etc.).
  • Even if employees check the hall, this does not justify a duty of supervision and care!

Use of the playground equipment - no somersaults! / outdoor area

  • The instructions, rules and prohibitions attached to the playground equipment must be observed! Use requires consideration for other visitors. The accompanying persons are required to explain the rules of the game to the child/children and to ensure that they are observed.
  • Climbing up on nets (e.g. trampoline) is not permitted.
  • Due to the risk of injury, the trampolines may only be used with one person per jumping mat. Somersaults are life-threatening and therefore absolutely forbidden!
  • The electric karts may be occupied by a maximum of two children or one adult and one small child.
  • Walking on the road, using the vehicles as "box cars" and pushing the vehicles while the engine is running is strictly prohibited.
  • The toddler area is intended for toddlers and toddlers. Disturbing children over the age of 3 may be expelled from the area by the operator, his employees and mothers of small children.
  • Outside: Climbing the trees or fence is absolutely forbidden!
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use the escape doors outside of an emergency!
  • For the safety of your own and other children, no toys may be used in the entire play area. Above all, it is strictly forbidden to take hard, loose or sharp objects into the play area (this also applies to new birthday presents, for example).

accident report

  • Important! Injuries, personal injury or damage to property of any kind must be reported immediately to the checkout and will be documented there in writing.


  • For reasons of hygiene, socks, preferably stop socks or gymnastic slippers, should be worn.
  • You can buy socks at the checkout at a reasonable price.
  • Children or adults playing should wear comfortable clothing suitable for sports. Please do not use any external zips or buttons, as this will damage the foils on the playground equipment.
  • Please remove pendants, chains and earrings and please do not wear any clothes with cords or ribbons. !Caution very dangerous!

food and drinks / Smoking / alcohol

  • Our gastronomy offers you a wide range of food and drinks. In order to be able to keep the prices family-friendly, we ask for your understanding that we cannot allow you to bring your own food and drinks. This does not apply to allergy sufferers and baby food, which we would also be happy to heat for you. If you have any allergies or intolerances, please contact us. If it is organizationally possible, we are happy to accommodate all requests.
  • Chewing gum is banned in the PiPaPo!
  • Please only eat and drink at the tables! Bringing glass or china into the play area is strictly prohibited!
  • The hall is equipped with a fire and smoke early warning system. Smoking is therefore strictly prohibited in the hall and in the toilets and is only permitted in front of the main entrance.
  • Failure to do so may trigger a false alarm. The polluter bears the costs for this, unless the polluter can prove that the costs claimed were not incurred at all or at least were significantly lower.
  • Dear guests, please consume alcohol in moderation.
  • Guests who are noticeably drunk will be expelled from the hall.

behavior/ damage

  • Bad behavior, scratching, biting, hitting, etc. other children will not be tolerated. The accompanying persons who are subject to supervision are asked to prevent this behavior.
  • The operator and his employees are expressly permitted to admonish people in such a case and to issue a ban on playing in the event of a repetition.
  • In particularly serious cases, the operator reserves the right to ban individual people from entering the building.
  • The accompanying persons who are responsible for supervision are obliged to prevent your children from wanton destruction.

capacity limit/ wardrobe/ lost property

  • If the permitted capacity of the hall is reached, the operator reserves the right to limit access. This is mainly for fire safety reasons. Waiting times are then to be expected.
  • Paying for admission does not guarantee a seat. If this is foreseeable, we will try to inform you before paying the entrance fee.
  • If the locker key is lost, an amount of €20 will be charged for replacement, unless the person who caused it can prove that the costs claimed were not incurred at all or at least were significantly lower.
  • Lost property will be kept at the cash register and will be treated in accordance with legal requirements if it is not picked up / taken to the local lost and found office.

have no access

  • Adults unaccompanied by children (excluding family members moving behind).
  • Persons with a hall ban.
  • Persons whose access appears questionable (e.g. heavily intoxicated).
  • Visitors with contagious diseases or open wounds.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the PiPaPo indoor playground!

Your PiPaPo